What Are Your Socks Saying About You?

What Are Your Socks Saying About You?

Jun 18, 2020

“Socks are the window to the soul”. Wait a second, that doesn’t sound quite right, does it? Actually yes, you may be surprised to learn that the socks you choose to wear are an expression of your personality and they may be saying more about you than you may realize.

Let’s start with those of us that are always looking for a sense of adventure. These are the people that have no issue striking up a conversation with a random person they meet, they have a sense of wanderlust that remains insatiable, and they might have just the right hint of rebelliousness. These are the individuals you may spot wearing fun pairs of socks like the White/Red Cherry Socks or the Ski Mask Socks.

And then there are the people that like to keep it simple and just focus on getting stuff done, with a razor sharp eye on the inevitable prize. These people might decide to keep it easy and comfortable, with an inner sense of a powerful drive. For these people, the Secret Script Socks – Yellow or the Secret Script Socks - Royal Blue might be a good choice.

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