Urban Bags by Secret Scientist

Urban Bags by Secret Scientist

Jun 09, 2020

How do you like to travel? When just a wallet simply won’t do, you’re going to need some sturdy gear to take your belongings. We’re expanding our product line to offer customers a broad range of urban accessories that look good and have tons of space.

If you just need something small for your phone and a few other small items, the Cross Body Bag and Blue Camo Cross Body Bag look good and they can easily accommodate your Android or iPhone, your wallet, and a few other items.

Body bags are useful but sometimes you need something larger. If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you may have noticed we recently shared a pair of photos each featuring a trio of much larger bags in different sizes. From the two differently sized backpacks to the travel bag, the sets are available in a mix of black and red, and yellow and white. You’ll notice the black and red version on this particular blog.

Hit us up on Instagram if you’d like more information on these bags. We’re always sharing new shirts, accessories, bottoms, and more on our social media pages.

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