Time to Check Out the Secret Scientist Accessories

Time to Check Out the Secret Scientist Accessories

Apr 09, 2021

Ready for a workout, a short walk, or just want to spend some quality time outdoors? Cities can be a great backdrop for chilling out and when you know where to find your urban clothing online you win even of what makes you happy.

Secret Scientist has you covered. No hassle, no wasted time. Only the right products for a drive, a meetup, or for burning extra calories on the go. And since low key high quality is the best appearance you could wish for, we have the top accessories that will turn each walk into a breeze or help you speed up and get more of what you need.

Urban clothing online for chill, toned-up style

You can be in the spotlight naturally, no effort needed. Count on Secret Scientist accessories to make you stand out. Quality, colors, and comfort are what makes or breaks your day. And we tune in to keep you ahead of the game.

Here’s what we recommend for your next walk, run, or casual chillout:

  • All Over SS Print Duffle Bag: whether you’re in the mood for fast running, exercising at the gym, lifting weights, or just got an idea for a quick day trip, this duffle bag will stand by you. Trendy pattern, interesting colors, long-lasting fibers, and shape-fitting design. You can’t resist this essential item. Added strap for your comfort and extra speed when you’re in a hurry.
  • Ash Tray Rolling Tray Combo: fancy a smoke or like to roll your own cigar? With this combo accessory you don’t have to choose. Flexibility on the go is its byword.
  • Secret Script Shoulder Bag: need to have your phone, walled, credit cards, and other must-haves but don’t want to sport a huge bag? Search no more, this crossbody bag will become your go-to accessory in no time. Intense colors, useful pockets, plus a secret on front. 

Don’t miss out, picking urban clothing online with Secret Scientists not only saves you time but primes you for the best hours away from the office. Go have some fun in the city. No time like now!