SSForEveryone x Nicole Ewing

Posted by Tony Davis

This week #SSForEveryone collaboration really hits home. As a company, we take our staff's mental health very seriously. You can't be great pouring from an empty cup, so this collaboration embraces our core fundamental of taking care of yourself. Meditation is key. Today, we'll feature feature Nicole Ewing (@earthboundmissfit on Instagram).

My name is Nicole Ewing. I’m a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer. I became interested in yoga for the flexibility aspects of it but it turned into so much more! I was self taught and started to realize it was changing more than just my body. My practice was changing the way I felt and the way I perceived things in life. I was much happier and way less stressed. It inspired me to start teaching others. I acquired the knowledge and training for both yoga and fitness of all kinds.

 After 14 years, I quit my job and started working for Mobile Infirmary at ProHealth. Also, I started teaching pop up classes around Mobile. I train college football players, our senior citizens, cardiac rehab patients, cross country track teams, children, and everyone in between.

 Yoga has been such a blessing to my life. In life it’s helped me be able to handle stressful situations with grace and acceptance. It’s been a comfort to me when I’m down or need to feel centered about any decision that I’m making. And it’s definitely improved my physique! I’m stronger and more vibrant than I’ve ever been! #SSForEveryone

Collaborating with SS has been an amazing experience. SS is truly for everyone and I’m loving the message it sends!! We are all unique and the clothing really shows that. It’s fun, creative and trend setting!




Images shot by @ddbmedia on Instagram