Showcasing the Latest Secret Scientist Models

Showcasing the Latest Secret Scientist Models

Sep 29, 2020

Last month, we shed some light on two names that recently modeled Secret Scientist clothing: rapper MGM Lett and the independent DJ Fergg. Today, we’re excited to continue this unofficial by telling you more about another pair of individuals you may have noticed on our Facebook page.

We’ll begin with DJ Kelly Green, a nationally recognized producer that has made appearances at multiple festivals like Rolling Loud, the Chalice Festival, and more. She is a frequent sight in the Lousiana party scene and she’s been working the turntables for more than a decade. On top of her DJ skills, DJ Kelly Green is also an experienced guitarist, cellist, pianist, guitarist, and she’s also done modeling work. To learn more about her, check out her website at or her Instagram at the username @djkellygreen.

Tamia Andry is a Mobile native, aspiring model, and a makeup artist for the popular cosmetics manufacturer MAC. When she isn’t busy pursuing her physical therapy assistance studies, she is also working toward launching her own cosmetics line and seeks to inspire other young African American women and girls to pursue their dreams. She is also on Instagram at the username @tamiajanai__.

Launched in 2009, Secret Scientist Clothing is an urban streetwear brand based in Mobile, Alabama providing a range of products from t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and footwear to accessories and more. We recognize and embrace individuality while making fashion fun, accessible, and always trendy. For more information on urban clothing online, please call 251-680-0429 and be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can also visit our store located in The Shoppes at Bel Air.