Photoholix Photobooth

Photoholix Photobooth

Feb 15, 2022

The seventeenth installment of #SSForEveryone features owner of Photoholix Photobooth, Edward Brewster.

Edward was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. He is a local entrepreneur, photographer, and Owner of Photoholix Photobooth of the past 5yrs. While being a full time photographer of events and weddings. He started noticing that people besides taking a few "selfies" were really not engaged as they should.

For the most part everybody was just sitting in their smartphones the majority of the night. With the culture shift of social media and everybody wanting to be seen, he knew he to bring something different to the table that wasn't done here on a large scale, locally. He started researching luxury photobooths and event services from all over the world and came across Touch Screen Mirrorbooths. He was amazed at the modern technology as this wasn't the "ideal photobooth" that we were accustomed to in the middle of the mall or at arcades. From there, he knew this was what was missing here locally for guest entertainment!

Edward offers over 8 different premium booths services ranging from Interactive Mirrorbooths, Selfie Booths, and our most popular 360 video booths! Recently, his company added LED 3D dance floors to our services. His company has been in high demand for Major Corporate Events, Weddings, Parties, Mardi Gras Balls, Sporting Events and more.

The main thing that sets Photoholix Photobooth apart from other is Edward and his team dedication and commitment to providing a experience like no other! He invest in the best professional software, equipment, and tools to get the job done right! With over 5 yrs of professional experience ranging from small intimate baby showers of 50 people all the way to providing photo entertainment for over a 1000 guests at Amusement Parks. His highly trained staff always leaves the guests wanting more at every event!

We asked Edward what was My ultimate goal for Photoholix Photobooth and his response was, “I want to continue to grow to a national level and become a sought out company for major events and productions! I got to show the world we can do it! I’m waiting on that phone call from The Grammy's. Lol.”

In conclusion, Edward lives by the motto of “Dreaming with My Eyes Wide Open!”
God gives us all a vision but it's up to you to step out on faith, and bet on yourself! The world is waiting on you to do something great!

Images Captured By: Dylan Bodley @ddbmedia

Story Written By: La'Andrea Brown @jbgagency