New Hats and Denim on the Secret Scientist Store

New Hats and Denim on the Secret Scientist Store

Jul 16, 2020

If you follow Secret Scientist on Facebook, you may have noticed several posts mentioning all of the new products we’ve been debuting at the physical Secret Scientist store as well as our online store. As we’ve done in the past, we’re sharing some more new products you can purchase online.

In case you missed the news, we recently debuted Secret Scientist denim in various colors. You can keep it simple with the Secret Scientist Dark Blue Denim featuring our logo or go for a darker shade with the Secret Scientist Black Denim . On the other hand, if you need something for workout purposes or lounging around the home, the Yellow Secret Track Pants features zipper side pockets plus our logo embroidered near the back angle of the pants.

We’re already offering a broad selection of hats but we continue to expand our selection with the SS Basketball Hats featuring a raised front and basketball heart embroidering on the side. The SS Raised Embroidery Hat is a simpler option available in several different colors with the SS logo on the front.

Launched in 2009, Secret Scientist Clothing is an urban streetwear brand based in Mobile, Alabama providing a range of products from t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and footwear to accessories and more. We recognize and embrace individuality while making fashion fun, accessible, and always trendy. For more information on urban clothing online, please call 251-680-0429 and be sure to follow us on Facebook , Instagram , and Twitter . You can also visit our store located in The Shoppes at Bel Air.