MakeMeFresh x Secret Scientist

MakeMeFresh x Secret Scientist

Oct 14, 2021

The first installment of #SSForEveryone features Bruce Wayne, who owns Make Me Fresh.


My dream was never to become a barber. Because of my ability to argue my point, I always wanted to become a lawyer. At 15, my mom sent me to a private barber college because I was always getting into trouble in my neighborhood. I went to barber school every day after school instead of the local recreation center like my friends. It was the financial rewards for being responsible for someone's appearance that made it appealing to me. My favorite thing is being able to provide someone with the confidence to be superior in their own sphere because when you leave my chair, you will feel as though you can take on anything. I hope to attain the highest levels of accomplishment in my career. I stepped out of my comfort zone by collaborating with SS. It's one of my favorite clothing brands, so it's dope we can network.


MakeMeFresh Barbershop

3456 Hillcrest Rd., Suite B2 

Mobile, AL 36695