Kat Nailed It

Kat Nailed It

Jan 09, 2022

The thirteenth installment of #SSForEveryone features Kat Sotolongo, who owns Kat Nailed It, which is a nail salon in Mobile, Alabama.

Q: What made you start your business?

I had to get my cosmetology license to do nails in the state of Alabama because it's a requirement, but I really wanted to find out how to disinfect my instruments properly and give top-notch service.

To be honest, the fear of having to request a day off was what made me start my business. I couldn't stand having to ask someone else if I could live my life. In the past few months, my nail classes have really taken off, and I've seen my students put what they've learned to work. There are not a lot of Latina entrepreneurs in the south who have opened a brick and mortar business. In this way, my opening can inspire and relate to others. Yes, I put in the work, but it wasn't all me. I sacrificed a lot, but this wouldn't have been possible without the support of my family and peers.

Q: How do you feel about collaborating with SS. How do you feel your business and SS impact Mobile as far as young entrepreneurs?

Success is a group effort. Having collaborated with SS makes me proud because it's such a successful brand. Secret Scientist is from the same city as I am, and they have inspired me just as I hope to inspire others. I think my business shows people that you can be a mom, a Latina, and a boss at the same time. They can count you out, but eventually they will have to count you in if you work hard enough.

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Images Captured By: Dylan Bodley @ddbmedia

Story Written By: La'Andrea Brown @jbgagency