Jermaine Rogers

Jermaine Rogers

Apr 11, 2022

Our #SSForEveryone campaign this week features Lead Detective on A&E: The First 48, Jermaine Rogers.

Rogers works as a homicide detective with the Mobile County Police Department. He has worked in the police department for 14 years and in the homicide unit for 6 years. In Rogers' humble way, he admits that he doesn't have an elaborate story on why he became a police officer; he simply attributes it to the fact that his mom dressed him up in uniforms as a child, making him comfortable with the idea of becoming one. He knew he either wanted to become a police officer or play football. So, after college, he joined the police department. Working in homicide taught him a lot. He's seen it all as a police officer in the community. Although crime has increased in the last couple of years, he attributes the most rewarding part of his job to putting the worst criminals in jail and ensuring justice for the families in Mobile.Ā 

His motto is if you see something, say something. His motto is very meaningful to him because in every case involving a homicide there is a family hoping and praying that someone saw something and reported it. This will provide them with justice. In the end, he knows he can go home in his SS shirt because it's relevant, and that's why SS IS For Everyone.


Images Shot by Dylan Bodley

Story Written By La'Andrea Brown