Fallon Parker of 90210 BTQ

Fallon Parker of 90210 BTQ

Feb 06, 2022

The sixteenth installment of #SSForEveryone features entrepreneur, Fallon Parker.
Fallon Parker is a native of Mobile, Alabama. She is a wife & mother of two beautiful children. She has been an entrepreneur and a boutique owner for 11 years. She recently became a Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate Agent. 
The freedom she gets from being an entrepreneur is why she became one. In 2011, she decided to open her first boutique storefront after pondering the what-ifs of owning her own business. The motto she lived by then was "If I could work the job of my dreams and get paid for it, then why not do it?".
From an early age, Fallon dreamed of opening a boutique. She knew that running her boutique was something she would enjoy doing every day without regrets. She prides herself on always knowing exactly what she wants out of life. There was nothing that she was afraid of when it came to taking risks with herself. 
The last question we asked Fallon was, "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?". Her response was, "I envision myself as a multi-millionaire who learns and grows more each year".
In conclusion, Fallon offers this advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: "Immune advice for an aspiring entrepreneur is to never give up on your passion, never give up on your consistency, and strive for improvement every day".

Images Captured By: Dylan Bodley @ddbmedia

Story Written By: La'Andrea Brown @jbgagency