Dj Sham

Dj Sham

Mar 27, 2022

The week's feature is one of the top female DJs in the Gulf Coast, Dj Sham. Shaminique Padgett was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama. In addition to being a DJ, she works for a non-profit organization called Lifelines. Padgett has been DJing for one year. Starting out as a bartender in clubs like LURE Nightclub and Paparazzi Lounge, she was always taking notice of the music. Whenever she had a spare moment, she would go watch DJ Mick and ask him questions about his craft. Over time, he taught her every time he dj'ed. Within a short time, she became the first female DJ in the Avngrz Djs Coalition. An early career milestone. The opportunities did not end there, as she received sponsorship from a record pool, MP3WAXX. We sat down with Dj Sham to learn more about her journey. Find out more about her story below.


Where do you think your love of music came from?

The love of music that I have comes from my mom. The typical Saturday morning music my mama played when she was cleaning the house wasn't blues. She would listen to old school R&B. As I cleaned, I would sing it all. I enjoyed it a lot. Old school r&b is actually my favorite genre.

What’s your fondest memory that you have from djing when you knew this was your calling?

One of my fondest memories of me dj'n was a random night in LIT Lounge. Since I had just started dj'n, I was so eager to do it. I didn't care if I got paid or not. I went to LIT just to go, then I jumped behind the dj stand and started djing. Everyone loved it. They were recording me everywhere. I had butterflies in my stomach. After that night, I knew that I was capable of doing this.

A recent success you’ve had with Djing?

My most recent success for myself was booking my first wedding. I was referred to the couple by another dj. Sometimes I feel like people are not taking me serious when it comes to weddings. I don’t want to be labeled a “club dj”. So by booking that wedding it’s a chance to show my versatility and to prove to everybody that I can do it all.

What’s your ultimate goal for djing?

As a dj, my ultimate goal is to be a show dj. I want to be a DJ for an artist. I would like to travel the world doing this. My name needs to be heard everywhere!

What advice would you give to others that want to become a female dj?

Women who are interested in djing should just do it. Take the leap of faith and get out there. If anyone tells you "you can't do it because you're a woman" don't let them intimidate you. I'm proof it can be done. Find a mentor to guide you and train you. This is a necessary skill in this industry.


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Images Captured By: Dylan Bodley @ddbmedia

Story Written By: La'Andrea Brown @jbgagency