Bakari Beard

Bakari Beard

Jan 16, 2022

The fourteenth installment of #SSForEveryone features Bakari Beard, a fire fighter in Mobile, AL.


Q: What made you want to become a fire fighter?

Honestly, it wasn't my first choice. As children, we all dream of playing ball or of becoming rich and famous. Most of my life has been spent playing sports. As a result, I built a personality of selflessness, being part of a team and putting others first. My choices after college were military, police, or fire service, but I honestly believe I landed in the right place.

When I first saved a child's life, I knew I was meant for firefighting. It's a feeling you can't put into words, and I'll treasure that memory for the rest of my life. I enjoy the physical aspect of my job. Sports played a big part in my life and staying in shape is critical to my job as a firefighter. You never know what to expect when those sirens go off; you just have to be mentally and physically prepared. Today, representation is more important than ever for children. Kids must see that someone who looks and dresses like them is a public servant.

Anyone considering joining the fire department should consider what they are waiting for. Join something you can be proud of and contribute to keeping Mobile safe.


Images Captured By: Dylan Bodley @ddbmedia

Story Written By: La'Andrea Brown @jbgagency