All About the Tracksuit

All About the Tracksuit

Jun 26, 2020

Whether it’s a celebrity or an athlete, tracksuits remain a fashion staple nowadays. Their history stretches back for several decades. Let’s briefly delve into this and highlight a few one of the tracksuit products we have available.

True to their name, tracksuits got their start on the track and were used in the 1960s when athletes like former track and field Olympic bronze medalist John Carlos started using them. Back then, they were made of terrycloth and cotton. By the end of the decade, major brands got into the tracksuit game and the tracksuit proliferated during the 1970s in popularity.

The appeal of the tracksuit was transcendent. The late influential martial artist and actor Bruce Lee famously donned a yellow tracksuit in the 1972 film Game of Death. The 1992 “Dream Team” which considered of legendary names in the NBA like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson were snapped wearing tracksuits featuring oversized American flags.

The Doodle Tracksuit – Black is a kid-friendly product that is also available in black and royal blue. It features the Doodle logo on the left side of the chest area as well as above the pants pocket.

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